The prenatal period is a time for us to get to know one another and family

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What we do

We want you to be informed and empowered.

Over the course of our appointments, we work to build a relationship based on mutual respect, love and trust. We spend time at each visit to educate you on the changes your body and baby are going through during pregnancy. We evaluate your health to ensure baby is growing and thriving. We encourage clients to share with us their experiences since we last visited, answer all questions, and discuss your wishes leading up to birth.

How often are my prenatal appointments?
  • once a month from your first visit until 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • every two weeks from 28 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy
  • weekly from 36 weeks until the birth of your baby
What does my prenatal care include?
  • In-office confirmation of pregnancy ultrasound, if desired
  • Comprehensive medical/prenatal history
  • Risk assessment
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Lab work required by the state of Texas and any additional that is indicated
  • Genetic screening, if desired, at an additional cost
  • Urinalysis at each prenatal visit
  • Assessment of mother’s well-being
  • Assessment of fetal heart tones and position of baby
  • Educational resources provided throughout your pregnancy
  • Referrals for anatomy scans, as indicated
  • Access to our Family Nurse Practitioner for sick visits, as needed
  • Extensive professional referrals and resources for your pregnancy and postpartum needs

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