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Your Birth Journey

ChelseaMcLurePhoto AshleyPrenatal 7 - In Bloom Midwifery

Initial Consultation

We encourage families to schedule a time to visit, ask questions, and take a private tour of our facility and birthing space.

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Your prenatal period is a time of change, growth, learning, and building a loving and trusting relationship with your midwives.

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Labor & Birth

You can choose to birth in your own home or in our luxury birthing suite while being supported by our caring midwives.

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The Midwives will guide you through your postpartum period while you are adjusting to life with a new family member.

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Placental Encapsulation

Processing your placenta is a safe and healthy method of aiding your body through the transition of the postpartum period.

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Birth Photography

We've worked with Chelsea Mclure Photography at several births and are comfortable working as a team.

Want to learn more about our Galveston Birth Center?

Head over to to see more pictures and find out detailed information of what the birth center has to offer you. Schedule your initial consultation and you will receive a tour of our top class facilities!